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We provide a supportive environment where children can engage in exciting, active and meaningful learning. Our primary school integrates the rigorous academic standards of the Cambridge Primary Curriculum and the inquiry-based, thematic focus of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) to promote curiosity, international-mindedness, personal growth as well as skills for lifelong learning and critical thinking. Class teachers deliver dedicated lessons for English, Science and Maths daily as well lessons in History, Geography, Religious Education, Computing and Design Technology. Students also receive tuition in Art, Physical Education, Music and languages (Bahasa Indonesian and French or Mandarin) from specialist teachers.

Our stimulating curriculum allows students more autonomy and encourages them to take responsibility for their learning. At the same time, our regular, externally calibrated assessments and examinations provide detailed and structured reporting to parents on how their child is progressing in comparison to international benchmarks.

In addition to ensuring our childrens’ academic development we are also committed to supporting their social and emotional growth. Our strong, supportive co-curricular program allows all students to participate in sports, drama and music and community service.

SES uses the United Kingdom system for year levels. A comparison of how these Year levels compare to other educational systems is available here.