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Being Human

Great learning! Great teaching! Great fun!

Highlights of the Year 6 IPC learning using the unit Being Human


The children had the opportunity to make healthy smoothies and juices.


What do we already know about the human body, how it works and how to keep it healthy?


Giving the children the BIG PICTURE about their learning in the unit BEING HUMAN.


  • To know about the structure of the human body
  • To know about the functions of the major internal and external organs of the human body

The children researched the organs of the human body and presented their learning in a life size outline of their body.

Later, our students modelled the respiratory system, collecting oxygen and depositing carbon dioxide ‘in the lungs’. Moving around the classroom they modelled the oxygen being transported  around the body in the blood.

Finally, our young scientists enjoyed modelling the digestive system: ‘chewing’ the crackers in a bag with water, banana and orange juice, digesting the food in the plastic bag (stomach), moving into the intestines (a pair of tights) and excreting it into the bowl.


  • To be able to recognise and extend number sequences

The children collaborated and used coloured sweets to create 2D and 3D edible patterns and sequences.


  • To be able to use a wide variety of processes, forms and techniques to express their observations
  • To know that some characteristics of humans and animals are inherited from their parents

When creating their own self portraits, the children effectively used the qualities of being internationally minded as the outline.


The children enjoyed sharing their learning with their parents.