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A biathlon consists of a continuous two stage race involving swimming followed by running. On Monday November 12th, Surabaya European School held its second invitational biathlon. At the end of the school day staff, students and parents from SES, SIS and Sekolah Ciputra made their way to the SES pool to get ready for the event. The competitors were divided into age groups beforehand, with the Under 8s going first, swimming 5 laps and running 1 lap of the big field. The last group to go were the 12 to 14 year olds who swam 11 laps and ran 4 laps of the big field. Some of the races were only seperated by a few seconds. This was a new experience for a lot of the students but they took on the challenge with great enthusiasm. The following were the overall winners for each age group:

Under 8 Boys

1. Langit

2. Hazel (Ciputra)

3. Nathan


Under 8 Girls

1. Alex

2. Rachel

3. Kaum


Age 8-9 Boys

1. Isham (Ciputra)

2. Lintang

3. Evan


Age 8-9 Girls

1. Alamanda (SIS)

2. Nicole (Ciputra)

3. Kyul


Age 10-11 Boys

1. Chiqual (SIS)

2. Erwin

3. Reynard


Age 10-11 Girls

1. Isadorya (SIS)

2. Irish

3. Kathleen


Age 12-14 Boys

1. Ollie

2. Viggo

3. Mateusz (SIS)


Age 12-14 Girls

1. Michelle

2. Ava (SIS)

3. Aiko