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Freeze It

Great learning! Great teaching! Great fun!

Highlights of the Year 2 IPC learning using the unit FREEZE IT!


The children played the MOLECULES game, where the children represented molecules in ice cubes (solids), molecules in a bottle of water (liquids) and the air all around us (gas).


What do we already know about the properties of ice and water?

What does ice feel like? What does ice look like? What can you do with ice?

The children created their own Knowledge Harvests, recording vocabulary used to describe ice and water.


Giving the children the BIG PICTURE about their learning in the unit FREEZE IT!


  • To be able to pose simple scientific questions

Our students asked the questions: How does water change to ice? Can we make ice? What do we need to make ice? At what temperature will the water start to freeze? How long does water take to freeze solid?

  • To be able to, with help, carry out a simple investigation.

To answer these scientific questions our Year 2s planned and carried out an investigation.

Finally, they created their own recipes to make ice lollies and enjoyed watching them melt while they ate them.


  • To know that products in everyday use have an effect on peoples’ lives
  • To be able to plan what they are going to make
  • To be able to describe their plans in pictures and words
  • To be able to use simple tools and materials to make products
  • To be able to choose appropriate tools and materials for their tasks
  • To be able to comment on their own plans and products and suggest areas of improvement

The children collaborated and used coloured sweets to create 2D and 3D edible patterns and sequences.


Our Year 2 class enjoyed sharing their learning and their ice lollies with their parents.