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Maths Week

Primary students thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Maths Week entitled, Maths Magic! Playing cards were used throughout the week to teach various mathematical concepts, including number and colour patterns, greater than and less than, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and place value. Each year group learned a variety of games that were specifically geared toward student understanding at that age level. After morning break, Mr. Nick entertained students with fun Mathematics based magic tricks. Mr. Lawrie from secondary also stopped by primary classrooms in order to teach a fun Mathematics lesson. Each class designed a building project made of cards that incorporated Maths concepts. Year 2 created an amazing clock to correspond to their unit about time, Year 3 designed several buildings in small groups, Year 4 created a strong triangular tower, Year 5 built three famous towers of Europe and Year 6 made the Taipei 101 building. On Friday, to end this year’s Maths week, students enjoyed popcorn while playing some of the Maths games they learned during the week.

In secondary, Mr Lawrie ran an online stock market competition which was great fun and gave them a real taste of trading stocks and shares.