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Mission to Mars

Great learning! Great teaching! Great fun!

Highlights of the Year 5 IPC learning using the unit MISSION TO MARS:

Living in Space


The children engaged in a range of ‘astronaut training’ activities, using their gross and fine motor skills.


What do we already know about Mars and space and what do we want to learn?

The children created their own Knowledge Harvests and shared their questions.


Giving the children the BIG PICTURE about their learning in the unit MISSION TO MARS!


  • To be able to use a variety of materials to express their observations

The children linked their Maths and Art learning to make papier mache planets to scale.


  • To know about the nature and effect of gravitational force
  • To be able to identify the effects of gravitational forces
  • To be able to identify the direction of forces

What other forces might be in action on Mars? The children investigated gravitational force and were challenged to devise a test to allow their Mars landers to descend to the surface safely.

  • To know about the relationship between the Earth and the rest of the solar system
  • To be able to gather evidence from a variety of sources

The children collaborated in pairs to research and record their new knowledge about different aspects of Mars and its place in the solar system. They shared their Tour Guide to Mars presentations with their peers and answered any questions.

  • To be able to gather information from a variety of sources.

The children engaged in a video conference with Josh Richards, a candidate for the Mars One Mission. They asked him questions about why he wants to go on a one way mission to Mars and used what they learned to create their own Mars Treaties.

  • To be able to conduct scientific investigations posing scientific questions
  • To be able to choose an appropriate way to investigate a scientific issue
  • To be able to make systematic and accurate measurements from their observations
  • To be able to explain and justify their predictions, investigations, findings and conclusions

How can water at the poles of Mars be cleaned to drink?

The children designed and carried out simple investigations to find ways to clean water.


The children enjoyed sharing their presentations and their MISSION TO MARS learning with their parents.