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Movember 2016

Movember 2016 was our first Movember in Surabaya European school.  Despite having only a few male staff, we decided to give it a go and make a target of £500.  So we looked at various styles of moustache on the Movember website and made a start.  The first job was to explain exactly what the aims of the charity were.  Once that was achieved, the team all contributed to get things started.  Having convinced various people that it was for a good cause; Mr Nick, Mr Neil, Mr Phillip and myself began the task of cultivating our facial hair.  For some it was a challenge, for others it was difficult!

However, the bristles soon began to appear and the team were well on the way.  At first we were greeted with curiosity, disbelief until finally acceptance.  The money from charitable parents and children began to build up. As the month drew to a close, we had reached our target!! Thank you all for all your donations and to the team for their perseverance.  We plan to do this again next November with lots more fun events to participate in.