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Observe the Moon Night

On Friday evening, 19th October 2018, the clouds parted and an evening of gazing at the heavens awaited an eager group of Surabaya European School students and parents.  They were joined by members of the Surabaya Astronomy Club who had set up an array of telescopes and viewing materials. The team began the evening by projecting images of the Moon and shared information about crater sites, their origins and even the positions of lunar landings. The excited students and parents where allowed to view our Moon, Mars and even Saturn through the telescopes, while valuable information was passed on from the experts. Much excited chatter ensued and many images were captured through lenses onto smartphones for later viewing. The evening wound up with an exciting rocket launch by Mr Phil and Miss Diya.  We would like to thank the Surabaya Astronomy Club for their time and dedication to making our heavenly object appear just that little bit closer.  Don’t forget to put the event in your calendar for next year.