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SES Assembly Year 11: 8 June 2017

The SES assembly this week included the distribution of many awards, a musical item and some farewells to our leavers. In March, some primary and secondary students participated in the CAT Maths competition which was organised by the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT). The following students did very well obtaining scores in the top two categories. Michelle Harianto (Year 6) and Nicholas Kriss (Year 8) were awarded ‘Distinction’ with Viggo Akbar (Year 7) and Kelly Singgih (Year 6) received ‘Credit’. Well done to them and all those who took part.

Mrs Cecile and Miss Rini gave out swimming certificates to the whole school and also medals to the winners from the Swimming Carnival on 19 May. Year 2 Regan & Alix, Year3 Lintang, Matilda and Cally, Y4 Erwin and Ji In, Y5 Daniel and Marion, Y6 Dan and Michelle, Y7 Margot and Shehryaar, Y8 Chan Kyou, Viggo and Madalena, Y9 Matthieu and Tammia and in Shellsa in Year 11. 
Mr Coffey entertained us with his own interpretation of the Buffalo Springfield song ‘For What It’s Worth’ which was well received! We also saw a video clip showing many happy memories over the years with our Year 11 students. All our secondary leavers also received a DVD with videos and photographs from their time with us. I am reminded of this quote by John Dewey: ‘Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”.  We also said ‘goodbye and many thanks’ to Mrs Cecile and Mr Thomson and wish them and their families all the very best for next academic year. I always enjoy assembly which showcases the talents of our international community.