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SES Welcome Assembly: 15 August 2017

We had a wonderful welcome assembly where we all the primary and secondary children considered the challenges and opportunities for the new academic year. The students watched 2 video clips and we discussed many things including having fun, working hard, not giving up and taking risks on their learning journey. The school was introduced to Mrs Liza our new Deputy Principal/Head of Primary and Year 4 teacher and Mr Paul, the Year 5 teacher. Mr Mike was not present at assembly as he was teaching a Montessori class with Miss Rini at that time. However, the students know who he is from their PE classes and seeing him around the school.

Jacob in Year 2 helped Mr Nick with a mind reading card trick. He chose a card that matched the prediction made by the principal that had been sealed in an envelope before the start of the assembly! Jacob must have magical powers.

We are looking forward to a productive, enjoyable and successful year at SES with a variety of exciting events and activities.