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What’s it made Of

Great learning! Great teaching! Great fun!

Highlights of the Year 1 IPC learning using the unit WHAT’S IT MADE OF?


The children collaborated in small groups to make robots using recycled materials.


Our students had the opportunity to select an object from the ‘feely bag’. Without looking in the bag they had to identify what the object was. They used scientific questions about the objects and the materials they were made of to show what they already know about different materials.


Giving the children the BIG PICTURE about their learning in the unit WHAT’S IT MADE OF?


  • To be able to sort materials into groups, according to their properties.

The Year 1s enjoyed investigating the magnetic properties of different materials and sorting them into magnetic and non magnetic materials.

  • To know the names and  properties of a range of materials.
  • To know about the uses of different materials 
  • To be able to describe the similarities and differences between different materials.

Our young scientists had the opportunity to investigate the properties and uses of different materials and learned a lot of new vocabulary.


  • To understand that the uses to which materials are out depends on their properties.
  • To be able to plan what they are going to make
  • To be able to use simple tools and materials to make products

The students designed and made their own games and played them with their friends and other children in school.


The children enjoyed sharing their learning about materials with their parents.