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Year 7 Assembly

On Thursday 31st January the year 7 Tutor Group brought History to life by enacting an imaginary election for the King of England in 1066. The students spent two weeks preparing for the event by making costumes, weapons and preparing their speeches. Chloe who was master of ceremonies for the day and did a professional job in coordinating the proceedings which started with Naaz and Shannon presenting an excellent and informative review of our school’s impressive performance at the SCMUN conference last November. The main event was well received as Helen, Daniel and Reynard portrayed three rival warriors vying for the crown of England. Helen as the Viking Harald Hardrada was the victor and enjoyed her coronation by election officer Fullana in front of an enthusiastic audience. Thanks to everyone involved (especially Miss Shovi) for creating an excellent informative and entertaining assembly as the Year 7 showed how creative, talented and funny they are!