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School Camp

This year Ms Chris, Mr Phillip and 15 Secondary students all travelled to Northern Thailand for the School Camp. The Maekok River Outdoor Education Centre is located next to a sleepy village called Thaton, near the Burmese border, and this is where we stayed for the five nights of our trip. Some of the activities that we did included: archery, climbing, team-building games, cycling, raft-building and rafting, hiking, confidence and  high ropes courses, night games, team tech challenge (creating a safe way for an egg to drop 20 metres using a handful of scrap materials), learning some Thai, going to a market and buying some ingredients, and then cooking them. Phew! That was a lot to pack into our trip but we all had a great time doing it all. Ms Chris and I were both very pleased with the way the students grew and developed during the camp, especially in events like the confidence course, and the high ropes course. These challenged some of the students and they really had to face their fears in order to complete them.

 It was a busy time and we all came back drained of energy, but it was a thoroughly rewarding time and a fantastic experience for everyone.