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Year 4 Field Trip

The Year 4 children enjoyed their IPC Entry Point Habitats walk to the Pakuwon pond. They excitedly observed and sketched living things on the land and in the pond and  sky. We were lucky to see shrimps, fish, lilies, lotus flowers and a frog in the pond. Many dragonflies and birds flew above their heads and they managed to avoid the resident flock of geese. They observed and sketched the different shapes of the trees around the pond. All the children were very inquisitive and asked a lot of questions, showing a lot of the IPC Personal Goal, Enquiry. These questions will be used to enhance their learning throughout the unit Land, Sea and Sky. The children also demonstrated a very caring attitude towards their environment, as they enthusiastically identified rubbish on the side of the road and in the pond. It was collected and disposed off properly leaving the area leading up to and around the Pakuwon pond a more attractive, safer and litter free environment.