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Year 5 Field Trip to Goa Maharani

On Wednesday 28th February, 13 excited children arrived at school early to depart on their class trip to Goa Maharani.  Some people travelled in the school car and the others in the bus.  Upon arrival, the excited children gathered to…

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Year 4 Field Trip

The Year 4 children enjoyed their IPC Entry Point Habitats walk to the Pakuwon pond. They excitedly observed and sketched living things on the land and in the pond and  sky. We were lucky to see shrimps, fish, lilies, lotus flowers and…

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Year 6 Field Trip

As the exit point to the IPC unit Making the News, Year 6 students went on a field trip that took them to a radio station and newspaper office. The trip began at the radio station EBS 105.9 FM, where students…

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