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Year 5 Field Trip to Goa Maharani

On Wednesday 28th February, 13 excited children arrived at school early to depart on their class trip to Goa Maharani.  Some people travelled in the school car and the others in the bus.  Upon arrival, the excited children gathered to collect their entrance wrist band, then walked keenly through the animal enclosures to the cave entrance.  Inside the cave the children took time to choose formations to sketch and eagerly discussed how they had been formed over time.  After visiting the cave the children were impressed with the gemstone collection. The ‘big cats’ enclosure was the perfect place for lunch and the children were careful not to share their lunches with the lions and tigers.  With stomachs full they took time to visit other animals and stopped for an ice-cream before returning to the bus.  The children kept themselves busy on the journey home playing memory games and watching movies.  Safely back in the arms of their parents, the children excitedly retold the events of the day.