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Year 4 Field Trip

Year 4 enjoyed their class trip and planned their bus seats as soon as the trip was announced. They were very excited to be able to go inside the submarine at Monumen Kapal Selam and to see all the original…

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Biathlon Competition

The sport of biathlon or aquathlon consists of a continuous, two-stage race involving swimming followed by running. On Monday, May 7th, with the sun shining upon us, Surabaya European School held it’s first aquathlon. Staff, students and parents made their way to the pool to get ready for…

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Swimming Carnival

With the year well and truly underway, Surabaya European School had its annual School Swimming Carnival on Friday, May 27th. With glorious weather upon us, staff and students made their way to the Pakuwon Family Golf Club pool to get ready…

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Conscious Dance

We were recently joined by Ibu Janti Wignjopranoto (IG @alterjiwo), an ayurvedic and 5Rhythms Dance practitioner from Yogyakarta. She came to Surabaya to share her ‘Conscious Dances’ with all the primary students during the afternoon on Thursday, 5 April. Following…

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Softball Tournament

On March 23rd the annual House Softball Tournament took place. All four houses had been practicing hard during PE lessons. The children were split into two groups, primary and secondary. Each house team played each other with each game lasting…

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